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Helping the children in Bajna - India

A project from Verein für Hilfe in Indien e.V.
in bajna, India

Education without hunger is our goal. 300 children from the "Holy Family School" stay permanently at the belonging boarding home - a daily walk to school would be too long and dangerous. There are little things needed: water, food, school materials

A. Tietze
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About this project

Against hunger at schools

One of the poorest states of India is Madhya Pradesh. We're supporting the tribal community - they are the native inhabitants of India. Their culture and language differ from the rest of the mostly hindu-oriented society and therefore they have to face social and economical disadvantages. The average of the tribal community is dependent on agriculture but the land is very dry and the harsh harvest is very small. The farming work occupies all members of a family and also the young kids work on the field or look after goats instead of going to school. Just 20 to 25 percent of the community are able to read and write. The children of Bajna should have the chance to increase that figure. Raise the chance for their bright future without hunger and poverty.

There are 750 children studiing in the "Holy Family School" in Bajna - from kindergarten to tenth grade. 71 girls and 226 boys are going to the belonging hostel which is like a boarding house. These children cannot bear the daily way to school it's too long and dangerous for them. The students' families are living in the farest and driest regions of Bajna, therefore they cannot even afford the small amount for the boarding school. But education is the only way out of poverty! Therefore they are allowed to visit the "Holy Family School". But the conditions are at minimum standards: there is need for healthy food, drinking water and a stimulating learning environment.

Help the children of Bajna to learn in a safe place without hunger. Education and health is their key to an independent life.

The NGO "Together - Hilfe für Indien" is working with their project partners in Madhya Pradesh since 2009. We can totally rely on them because they know the needs and infrastructure the best and which resources can be trusted. Our German cooperation partner "Hilfe für Indien" from Munich is supporting us here at and is managing the online donations to India. They have realised and supported over 25 projects since 1992. They built schools, orphanages, medical health stations and homes for disabled persons.

Both organisations are working on a non-profit basis. All administration and travel costs are spend from our private budget and time. Your donation goes 100% and directly to the people who need it the most.