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Closed Taller Tropical Moravia

A project from Oasis Urbano
in Medellín, Colombia

Taller Tropical Moravia - Establishment of an open workshop for environmental education, sustainability and healthy nutrition in the informal settlement of Moravia in the heart of the Colombian metropolis of Medellín.

Oasis Urbano
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About this project

The Taller Tropical Moravia is a collectively run place of learning and exchange on topics of environmental education and food production in bamboo construction. It was initiated and realized in co-production by residents of the informal settlement Moravia in Medellín, numerous organizations, experts, artisans, art & culture professionals and students and teachers from Colombia and Germany. From October 2018, it will be open for use by schools, kindergartens, neighborhood corporatives and organizations, as well as municipal institutions and initiatives. In one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Colombia, a lively exchange will take place at eye level - between the residents of Moravia, visitors from Medellín and all over the world!