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Namosi ACK Primary School - for more hope in rural Kenya

A project from HAMBURGER*MIT HERZ e.V.
in Bungoma, Kenya

We at HAMBURGER*MIT HERZ e.V. want to ensure that every child has the chance of a prosperous future. That is why we have been supporting the school in Namosi (Kenya) since the beginning of the year.

S. Görtz
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About this project

 Namosi is a small village in western Kenya, near the border to Uganda. Although Kenya is one of East Africa's most developed countries in terms of infrastructure, development seems to have stopped here. The pivotal point of the village is the local primary school, where currently about 1,100 pupils from grades one to eight are learning for a better future under very adverse circumstances. Some of the students come from more than ten kilometres away to go to school there. 

Since Namos Ack Primary School is the only state primary school within a radius of almost 20 km, the future of the children depends on the welfare of this school. They are the ones who will shape Kenya's future development. To this end, it is essential that the teaching can be adequately carried out so that they do not lose contact with the other regions of Kenya. 

We, from the association HAMBURGER*MIT HERZ e.V., want to change this, because every child should have the right to a prosperous future. That is why since the beginning of the year we have been supporting the school in Namosi as well as the school in Mekerie. 
A first start has already been made. Please have a look at our 1st joint project trip from September 2018 (news).

Our central goal is the promotion of education and health as well as the creation of equal opportunities. For this reason, the next project steps will concentrate in particular on improving local hygienic conditions. 

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