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Worldwide Aid Projects from Israel at the 5th German Israel Congress

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

At the 5th German Israel Congress, taking place on November 25 in Frankfurt/Main, we want to present different Israeli humanitarian aid projects to you. In order to cover the travelling expenses of the project representatives, we need your help!

S. Stawski from ILI - I Like Israel e.V.
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Israel has now been a flourishing democracy for over 70 years. Israelis contribute to international progress, live in an exciting culture and remain devoted to the global community. Every citizen enjoys freedom of speech and movement, the right to vote and to stand for election as well as equality before the law.
Still: The image of Israel in the media, school books and therefore in the minds of people is often far from this reality.

Help us show the many faces of Israel by presenting impressive cooperations between Jews and Arabs, the peaceful coexistence of Christians and Druzes, and so much more.

With this year’s theme – “Israel – Nation of Nations” – the Israel Congress highlights the many dimensions of this small yet large country, on November 25 in Frankfurt/Main.
This year, visitors can find out about Israeli humanitarian aid projects in addition to enjoying exchanges and becoming acquainted with German-Israeli cooperations as well as the many achievements of Israeli society: start-ups, musical highlights and athletic cooperations.
Representatives of the Israeli humanitarian aid projects will present their work for, among others, Syrians in Israel, refugees on Lesbos Island and victims of trauma due to terror and war.
We need your support for this initiative to succeed and for us to be able to cover the travel expenses of the invited representatives.

Here is an overview of the Israeli humanitarian aid projects, including their official introductory videos. An in-depth description of the projects can also be found on our Israel Congress website (

Humanitarian Aid for Syrians GAL LUSKY

School Project for Refugee Children on Lesbos (Greece)The International School of Peace

NATAL – Israeli Trauma Center

NATAL is an NGO for victims of terror and war as well as for military veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).