Funded Girls' Soccer and Education for a Brighter Future!

An aid project by “Banyan Tree e.V.” (D. Angerer) in Battambang, Cambodia

D. Angerer (Project Manager)

D. Angerer
The SALT Academy is a project which provides holistic education to Cambodian youth, aiming at combatting the ill affects of behaviour trends and the lack of hope through soccer. SALT looks to provide wayward youth the opportunity to play on a well coached team, within a league that features organized games and actual fields. Organized sports of any kind hardly exist within Cambodia, especially for those under the age of 16.

Within the SALT Academy, children between 8 and 14 learn and develop technical and coordinative skills in conjunction with life lessons. SALT provides these activities to youth - regardless of their social class. SALT believes more than technical and tactical lessons can be taught within a sports team environment, like lessons of life, fair play or working together for a common goal to name just a few.

Most of the children in the SALT leagues study in public schools where the eduational quality is often insufficient. In Cambodia, there is a three month summer break between July and September. As many of the children do not have any activities scheduled during this time, SALT saw a window of opportunity to run an intensive summer program to further develop both football skills and specific areas of education, e.g. Maths, English, Khmer and Computer skills.

By having very small classes and working with motivated teachers, the program gives participants the chance to learn as much in three months as other students learn during the whole school year in the public system.

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Location: Battambang, Cambodia

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