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We have something to say - Vagabond Congress 2020

Berlin, Germany

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We have something to say - Vagabond Congress 2020

Berlin, Germany

The homeless society under pressure e.V. calls for the vagabond congress 2020 in Berlin. WE Organize ourselves !!! We have something to say !!! We have something to show !!! We have our dreams !!! We need your support !!!

Oliver B. from Unter Druck- Kultur von der Straße e.V. | 
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About this project

 The project "" Vagabond Congress 2020 "", which is supported by "" AKTION MENSCH "", has existed since 1 March 2018 and is being developed by Unter Druck - Kultur von der Strasse eV in cooperation with the joint projects Czentrifuga (Siebdruckwerkstatt) and Unter Druck (Homeless daycare) organized.

Homeless people have no lobby. Their social human rights are rarely represented.
From now on we organize ourselves - we work to eliminate housing shortages, to strengthen human rights and to allow these people to participate in society in a fair way.
People of any origin or orientation have the "right to freedom" and the "right to one vote."
We create a platform where we argue for our rights and for one
Equal opportunity to fight for a better and fairer world.

What are we doing in concrete terms?
We establish an ideas workshop in the homeless day-care center, inform at the weekly team meeting and meet regularly for the editorial meeting for the magazine and magazine. In May 2018 there was a campaign week in the Czentrifuga. There, we artistically implemented the first results from the ideas workshop with propaganda material such as flyers and stickers, and dealt with important questions and topics for the project. Since June 2018, we design the first issue of the time and pamphlet as the mouthpiece of those affected for the congress. In December 2018, there will be a kick-off event with the publication of the first issue Zeit- und Streitschrift.
From Jan 2019, we will build a mobile planning office and set up scene meetings to activate affected co-organizers from other homeless initiatives and street-related art collectives. In July 2019 we publish the second issue of the periodical and pamphlet and there is another campaign week with screen printing in the Czentrifuga. In December 2019 an information event will take place with and with existing initiatives and groups. Here is also the 3rd edition of the periodical and pamphlet published. Workshops will begin in January 2020, in collaboration with the Theater Unter Druck and the performance group Gogotrash of Czentrifuga. From May-July we present the time and pamphlet no.4: hot campaign phase!
In August 2020, the Vagabond Congress 2020 will take place.
Nov 2020, FINALE with the publication of the time and pamphlet No.5.

We are happy to keep you informed about our activities in a timely manner with our newsletter. With the help of we appeal to people who want to support us with a donation to realize our dreams. 
Updated at 18. March 2020