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SoulTalk - Psychosocial counseling for refugees from refugees

Schweinfurt, Germany

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SoulTalk - Psychosocial counseling for refugees from refugees

Schweinfurt, Germany

To feel understood is existential for humans. We offer psychosocial counselling for refugees by refugees in their native language in a lighthouse project unique in Germany.

M. Christof from Kongregation der Schwestern des Erlösers | 
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About this project

 "You're the first person in years to ask me: How are you?" In our project SoulTalk, trained refugees offer psychosocial counseling for newly arrived refugees - in their mother tongue. In one-on-one conversations and group settings, we provide and demonstrate good strategies for dealing with stress: We listen. We understand you. You are not alone with your experiences and worries. SoulTalk works through common language and flight experiences: Our clients experience it as relieving to have a trusting conversation in their mother tongue - and often feel better understood than by "German professionals".
 We work preventively: In addition to problems, we discuss individual strengths and strategies for dealing well with the stressful situation in the AnKER facility. In groups on stress management, clients exchange ideas and are relieved: "I'm not going crazy, others feel the same way. Many refugees already benefit significantly just from this. In more serious cases, we refer clients to a professional treatment. Our counselours receive professional consultation from the leading psychologists.

Our team of counselours and psychologists is directly on site in two shelters for asylum seekers. At present we reach residents with the languages Arabic, Kurdish, Persian, Somali, French and English.

"The project is exactly what I would have needed at the beginning in Germany."  (Salah, psychosocial conselour). 

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Updated at 13. November 2020