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neutering campaign for 110 stray dogs and 10 street cats in Greece

Xanthi, Greece

Neutering project in the surroundings of Xanthi, Northern Greece. The life of stray animals is marked by suffering. There, the number of strays is increasing daily. Only with neuterings you can ethically prevent suffering.

C. Laslo from Kastration von Streunern e.V.
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Kastration von Streunern e.V. carries out large neutering projects in the surroundings of Xanthi, Norhtern Greece. This part of Greece has no tourism, animal welfare is hardly exists. The number of strays is increasing daily. The life of these animals is marked by suffering.
With neutering we prevent further suffering.

Every year we want to realize the largest possible number of neuterings.
From 5th to 19th of May 2019 we will realize our next neutering project. During this fortnight we will neuter about 500 strays. We will be supported by the municipality, they send us helpers. 2 vets of Myki support us with their rooms and promised to help.

the price of 1 neutering of a dog is 35,- euro.
the price of 1 cat ist 15,- euo.
This price includes rabies vaccine, test for Leishmania, parasitic treatment, other medications, and 3-day follow-up. Expenses are not incurred.

To insure this project in its perfect organization and to observe and care for these animals for 3 days, our association will be on site with volenteers.