Funded milk powder for togolese infants

An aid project by “Promotion et Développement Humain (PDH)” (A. Dzakas) in Lomé, Togo

A. Dzakas (Project Manager)

A. Dzakas
Many togolese women are not able to breastfeed their children, for various reasons. It might be that they do not have enough milk, that they are HIV positive, or in the worst case they died during labour.
Unfortunately, milk powder is very expensive in Togo, and a child needs a lot of it, to have a healthy nutrition during the very important first six months of its life.

Therefore, this project aims to provide ten children, five each between the age of 0 and 3, and 4 and 6 months, with milk powder. The price for both types of milk is the same, the amount rises with the age of the infant.

We ask for your support of this project because we think that the lack of financial means should never decide a newborn's destiny.

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Location: Lomé, Togo

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  • Uploaded at 14-11-2008