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Koordinationsstelle für Human-Animal Studies

Berlin, Germany

The Chimaira Research Group for Human-Animal Studies is a non profit association from Berlin who wants to coordinate the research in this area on an European level in order to reconsider human interactions with animals.

Jenny K. from Chimaira Arbeitskreis für Human-Animal-Studies e.V
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Human-Animal Studies (HAS) have gained in importance in the European research landscape over the last ten years. Thanks to the initiative of many scientists within and outside the university, the important questions regarding human-animal relations have been put on the agenda in various scientific disciplines. The institutionalization of this field of research in Europe has developed quite diversely. While some countries have already established their first master's degree courses in Human-Animal Studies (e. g. the UK and Austria), others still lack academic structures (e. g. Portugal, Poland, Spain) and can merely fall back on individual scientists who, with their critical impulses, are working hard to advance research on human-animal-relations.
The Chimaira Research Group, a non-profit association from Berlin, initiated the European Confederation for Human-Animal Studies (ECHAS) in 2017. Since then, we have managed to bring together commited academics and groups from 14 European countries. ECHAS promotes, intensifies and institutionalizes critical research and teaching on human-animal-relations in the European region. ECHAS is an interdisciplinary network of researchers, lecturers and activists who work in the field of Human-Animal Studies or do research on human-animal relations in other scientific disciplines. 

In order to organize and coordinate this network, your donation will help to:

- finance meetings of the ECHAS-network in order to exchange and push forward the research 
- a position within the network, who will coordinate the exchange between the different countries, researchers and activists and organize events on European level
- public relations, such as publicity for ECHAS-events or distribution of information material