Closed Digital Stories - Skills to help people take the next step in their life

An aid project by “Rage Arts” (Owen R.) in Birmingham, UK

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Owen R. (Project Manager)

Owen R.
Ever since Rage Arts started in 1996 it has been telling stories and helping people to tell their stories. Rage Arts is a uk registered educational charity number, 1120152 and company number 6166882.

Link to Uk charity commission website:

In 2011 we started Digital Stories updating our production equipment to give people the opportunity to work with professionals to make their own productions.

Through these productions participants gain self esteem & confidence and skills to help them take the next step in their life or continue in education or employment.

We have just been able to get a Canon 5d Mark 2 camera and we have some lenses to use with this camera, also a manfrotto fig rig we are now seeking to add a follow focus
and an electronic view finder which will enable us to fully utilise this camera. We have made a number of films since we started this project in 2011 we are excited about the opportunity this new camera will give people in front of and behind the screen.

Subject to funding we run film projects

Outline film project model.

A group of people will work with a professional crew to make
their own short film.

First they will work with a writer to develop their story and a director to develop their acting for camera skills then they will work with a small crew to make the film which will then be edited for them.

All participant will get a DVD of the finished film and the film will be distributed online, which will showcase what they are capable of.

Through making their short film participants will gain self esteem and confidence and skills to help them take the next step in their life.

Those participating will be in front of and behind the camera assisted by professionals.

Crew members will gain skills to help them in their careers.

Approximately ten people in total will benefit from the project.

To find out more about Rage Arts visit our website

More information:

Location: Birmingham, UK

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  • A photo from the shoot with the young people from Birmingham Rathbone. A crew of young people mentored by professionals made the film with a group of young people from Birmingham Rathbone.

    Uploaded at 01-03-2011