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Rage Arts

managed by Owen R.

About us

Rage Arts is a uk registered educational charity, Rage Arts, company no 6166882 charity no 1120152.

Link on uk charity commission page

Creates productions using theatre,film,music...

Brings together people of different ages, cultures and levels of ability
to work together and learn from each other.

Gives people the opportunity to:-

Gain skills by working with professionals to create productions.

Create their own productions by providing resources, advice and expertise.

Latest project news

Exciting News!

  Owen R.  09 June 2014 at 03:19 PM

We now have a Canon 5d Mark 2!

Thanks to a very kind donation we now have a 5d Canon Mark 2 for use on our projects we have been updating our production equipment since 2011 and have updated a lot of our equipment thanks to a lot of generous support.

This has enabled us to offer opportunities to people to take part in film theatre and music projects.

We are currently looking for funding to complete our film rig for this camera we require the following items.

Follow Focus
EVF View Finder
Base Plate
High Speed Compact Flash Cards
Atomos Storage Device.

Everything you donate would be greatly appreciated you can donate via our website just enter in the paypal description digitial stories and we will make sure that your donation supports us to give more people the opportunity to work with professionals to make their own films and to give those entering the industry access to some of the latest equipment.
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48 Upper Ashley Street
Halesowen B62 8HJ

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