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Closed Temporary school sponsorship

Kisumu, Kenya

The newly arrived children have suffered a horrible fate. We have to secure their school attendance so that they will have positive future prospects.

Uschi J. from Emukhunzulu-Patengemeinschaft e.V.
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We have been supporting the little village school Emukhunzulu Education only for a short while. We try to help them to help themselves. But many families simply lack the money they need to pay for the fees of a private school as the Kenyan government does not pay our teachers. Those have to struggle for themselves and urgently need the money for their families as well.
In this project we present everything currently essential and everything that has to be acquired urgently so that the circumstances in and around the school can be improved.
If a sponsor has been found meanwhile and is willing to pay for the child already we will transfer your donation to the next child in need. If you wish we inform you about that.