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An aid project by “Hope Ofiriha” (William Logai O.) in Magwi, south Sudan, Sudan

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William Logai O. (Project Manager)

William Logai O.
Since the signing of the peace agreement in 2005, Omilling village has seen an influx of returning refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), including hundreds of war orphans and former child soldiers. The only school the village has to serve several thousand elementary-aged students is a small two-room temporary shack made out of twigs. The shack, used for early elementary, has no text books and no pit latrines (giving the school grounds an unpleasant odor). Once children pass their exams to start primary 4, they must trek eight hours round trip on foot through the wild bush to the nearest primary school, which is 70 kilometers away. Almost no families allow their daughters to make this trek.

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Location: Magwi, south Sudan, Sudan

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  • We need your help to build Mairo primary school south Sudan!

    Uploaded at 27-02-2011

  • The plot provided by the community where the school will be built in Omilling village.

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  • We need your help to build Mairo primary school!

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  • The school we expect to build once funding is secured

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  • We need your help to build Mairo primary school.

    Uploaded at 27-02-2011