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Breaking the Cycle of Violence: Empowerment for Women & Girls in Nicaragua

A project from TERRE DES FEMMES e. V.
in Estelí, Nicaragua

Empowering women & girls in Nicaragua to break the vicious cycle of violence: Paving the way for economic independence through legal advice and education.

J. Espinoza
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About this project

TERRE DES FEMMES and our local partner organization Asociación Proyecto MIRIAM promote the rights and protection of underprivileged women and girls in Nicaragua who are affected by violence and live in financially precarious situations. MIRIAM’s holistic support allows these women and girls to escape violent relationships, finish their studies, learn a profession and earn their own income.

The project „Breaking the Cycle of Violence“ empowers women and girls to know and claim their rights, leave violent relationships and become financially independent. Overall, 750 women and girls will directly benefit from the project in the cities of Managua and Estelí. TERRE DES FEMMES and MIRIAM are planning the following activities:

  • Free legal advice and legal representation for 500 women and their children who are affected by violence. These women will learn about their rights and be empowered to claim their rights. They will take responsibility for their life and get organized among themselves. In the long-run, this will enable them to break the cycle of violence, build equal and respectful relationships and create a better future for their children.

  • Vocational training and support to start a small business or a cooperative for 220 women with little or no income. These women will learn a profession, start their own business and sell their products or services either on their own or as a member of a cooperative. This will allow them to become financially independent, which is essential for the long-term objective of true gender equality and a self-determined life. MIRIAM will provide vocational training and support the women to develop a viable business model, acquire start-up capital and gain access to markets.

  • Capacity building for the women’s rights organization MIRIAM who is implementing the project. A total of 30 employees and volunteers will receive training on the recent changes to the legal process, innovative advisory methods as well as in the area of fundraising. This will allow the organization to support women and girls affected by violence even more effectively in the future and to become less dependent on external funding. 

TERRE DES FEMMES and MIRIAM's goal is to empower women and girls to claim their rights to freedom from violence and access to education. We count on your support! 

Thank you for helping us break the vicious cycle of violence against women and girls!

Photos: © Itzel Chavarría