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Drinking Water & Environmental Education for School Children

Pacitan, Indonesia

Drinking Water & Environmental Education for School Children

Pacitan, Indonesia

Project Child committed to install drinking water filtration systems at 5 additional schools in Pacitan. During the program the children receive education regarding water, hygiene, environmental protection and ocean conservation.

M. Kiefer from Project Child Germany e.V. | 
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About this project

Water, as we all know, is a fundamental human need and particularly essential for the healthy development and growth of children. For a proper functioning body and good performance in school, children must be given access to drinkable water, along with the awareness of the vital importance of sufficient daily water consumption.

Our Drinking Water Program is a project focusing on solving drinking water crisis and nutritional problem in schools by providing education about the environment & healthy lifestyle to children. The issues of environment, health, and nutrition generally is a major concern for most of teachers and parents but the fulfilment of basic needs (financial security and housing) might not always be secure and other demands might become more pressing in their daily lives.
The Drinking Water Program aims to tackle health, environment and economic connected problems in public school communities through a collaborative approach.
Our goal is to provide safe, accessible and low-cost drinking water for children and school community by equipping and installing water filtration system in schools. This program also targets to raise community awareness about water, sanitation and the environment through educational classes for school students. Additionally, environmental campaigns and workshops are held to boost sustainability. These activities also include the for students’ parents and teachers. The program will consist of a three-fold impact: for the planet, children's health, and the local economy.

  • Ecological Impact
    The installation of water filtration systems allows children to refill bottles, which leads to a reduction of plastic waste. The educational classes rising awareness about the consequences of trash to water sources on land as well as the oceans. 

  • State of Health
    The combination of the practical solution, installing water filters, and additionally providing educational programs, is essential to reach the children and help them understand the importance of staying hydrated and avoiding sugary drinks.

  • Economic Impact
    Families living on the daily-standard poverty budget of around 1 EUR per day face a daily struggle with attempting to provide for their most essential needs. Providing free drinking water for their children at school will reduce the money parents are forced to spend on purchasing water bottles.

We are not only looking forward to tell you more about the programs' status but also about the goal setting and execution through the newsfeed section.

Help us to extend this great program of Project Child to more schools!
Updated at 18. March 2020

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