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Spende zum Betrieb des Bildarchivs Ostpreußen

A project from Landsmannschaft Ostpreußen e.V.
in Saalsdorf, Germany

The Picture Library East Prussia is the world wide biggest and free library dealing with this former german region hosting much more than 100,000 pictures and very many related maps.

T. Mack
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About this project

Starting with year 2006, the Picture Library East Prussia was founded as a private initiative, at first limited to the north-eastern part of East Prussia. The rapid expansion of the picture library required the project to be taken over by the east prussian organization in germany (Landsmannschaft Ostpreußen), so this organization now hosts this worldwide biggest portal for pictures and maps of this former german region, that now includes area from Lithuania, Russia, and Poland.

Hosting and upholding this site is rather expansive, so it takes about 15,000 € to 20,000 € each year, even though most people are working free of charge or with just some small amount of expense allowances.

This is the reason why we are looking for some small donations, preferably on a regular basis, so we can uphold this site.