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Are you still flying or did you find a home? # Arlo is looking for a treeho

A project from Tropica Verde e.V.
in Refugio Mixto Maquenque, Costa Rica

Housing shortage in the rainforest? Sounds strange, but this is already a reality for the Great Green Macaw in Costa Rica: He no longer knows where to go. Help us ensure the Macaw’s living space!

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About this project

Whats going on?
Costa Rica is considered the Eldorado of nature lovers, as it has a particularly large variety of different plant and animal species in such a small area. Unfortunately, as is well known, not all that glitters is gold: Rainforest areas are still being deforested to sell wood and to grow pineapples in monocultures. Living space and food are becoming increasingly scarce in the jungle.
Just like the habitat of the Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus) - more than 90% of its former range has already disappeared. The Macaw prefers to live in a very specific tree: the forest almond tree, but only after 60 years is the tree sufficiently large enough to offer proper nesting holes and food for the macaws. It is therefore so important to preserve the last breeding areas with forest almond trees and to plant new food trees for the macaws! Of course, this not only benefits the Great Green Macaw, but also the rest of the tropical forest’s inhabitants and the climate.
In northern Costa Rica, Tropica Verde purchased 103 hectares of forest in the core zone of the macaw breeding area, thus protecting it from the threat of deforestation. The Lapa Verde property forms a central part of the San Juan - La Selva Biological Corridor, which covers a total area of ​​250,000 hectares.
With your support, further south we acquired two important partially deforested buffer zones on the border to the Braulio Carrillo National Park in 2019. The Reserva Kinkajou has long been a stopover for the Great Green Macaws on their seasonal migrations from north to south due to the presence of important forage trees such as the rare monkey potted tree. Alongside habitat protection measures, Tropica Verde is planting other important native trees on the property’s deforested areas. This not only ensures the Great Green Macaw’s habitat, but also that for many other threatened animal species.
Help us to give the macaw and numerous other animal species a home again and to maintain the protective function of these important areas
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