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CADUS - Emergency Response

++ currently Syria and Iraq ++ Innovative and flexible help, even where others do not work (anymore), is what CADUS stands for. After disasters and crises, our teams are able to provide effective assistance quickly and without much bureaucracy.

Verena L. from CADUS e.V.Write a message

CADUS e.V. has been continuously developing new approaches and technical solutions for humanitarian work since 2014. We want to make our help even more effective and self-sufficient so that we can continue to help those who otherwise would not get help. CADUS e.V. puts sophisticated concepts on par with the local people.
Why emergency response
In Germany there are paramedics, voluntary fire brigades, the THW (Technical Relief Agency) and a professional structure that always works when people are in need.If humanitarian catastrophes are occurring anywhere in the world, these structures can not simply be transferred to the affected region. This has several reasons:The local infrastructure is mostly destroyed. It takes a lot of logistical effort and a lot of time before the equipment and materials used in humanitarian aid arrive at their place of work. Furthermore, humanitarian organizations increasingly see themselves directly involved in belligerent actions, and they are often the target of them. These are the dangers that prevent direct help, such as help for civilians injured in war. It therefore needs new approaches and solutions to respond to these problems. CADUS e.V. meets these challenges with new innovative and mobile solutions.
Where do we want to provide this help?
The goal is to be in action where uncomplicated, rapid medical and technical assistance is urgently needed. Where conflicts and disasters cause people to be in need and the structures there rely on external support. It is about providing fast and effective help even in areas and regions where little or no humanitarian organizations are present. Due to its clear size, flat structures and a well-trained interdisciplinary team, CADUS is often in a better position than large, established organizations.