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Funded Help the racoons of Munich!

München, Germany

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Funded Help the racoons of Munich!

München, Germany

Our racoons are burdened with a hard history, were abandoned and treated badly. We want to help these beautiful animals and take care of them as good as possible. Please help us to give the racoons a better life! Thank you!

S. Egli from Auffangstation für Reptilien, München e. V. | 
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About this project

 Please help the racoons of the Reptile Rescue Center in Munich!

Currently, quite a few racoons of different ages and origins are living in our Rescue Center. They either come from zoo break-ups, private owners or were found abandoned in nature. 
Since the EU released a regulation concerning invasive species in Europe, it`s much more complicated to keep and protect racoons legally in Germany. Even animal shelters can`t meet those strict rules and can`t give the racoons a new home. Of course, we don`t support this  violation against the German Animal Law and give our best to provide our racoons with whatever they need.

Dobby, our oldest racoon, is over 10  years old and used to lived in a zoo, which was evicted. The younger ones were abandoned at a very young age and we had to bottle feed them for the first weeks.

In our Rescue Center, the racoons have space inside the house as well as outside in the garden, with plenty of possibilities to hide, play and climb up trees. Our vets, animal keepers and biologists do their best to entertain them and provide diffferent acitivities.

To ensure an appropriate and worth-living care of our racoons, we need your help! Please support us with a donation, every Euro is needed!

Thank you so much!
Updated at 18. March 2020

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