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Strong young women: We strenghten them and then they will save the world

A project from Lebensschule Potsdam e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

"Drachinzeit" is a german rites of passage program for young girls and their families where we spend time in nature among a diverse group of women. We support them in tackling difficult issues, strengthen their personality and their self-esteem.

Kathrin R.
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About this project

Eighteen years ago, one girl asked us for a rites of passage ritual for her and with this started a still ongoing research on how to support young girls on their way to adulthood. Meanwhile we work with about 50 girls and their families every year. With a team of 20 women we empower and support young girls, starting at an age where they still feel the love and the security of their parents nest. Without  existential pressure they still can perceive the world in a radically honest way and clearly see what is relevant for them, what is inspiring, what is convincing and what feels just not right.

For those young women we hold space half a year long and encourage them to

  • listen to their inner voices, even the very soft ones
  • follow their impulses
  • communicate as precisely as possible what they need
  • ask for support from the adults around them
  • raise their voice and stand up for their needs

We invite parents and girls to appreciate the unique gift that the young women are bringing into the world and hold space for an attentive exchange among like-minded girls.

We bring them together with a variety of women to expand the image of how to be a woman so that they might find a place with the way they are. 

In this journey we connect powerful women, go into the woods, cook over the fire, live a simple life, nurture all our senses in nature, allow for a timeless flow and give thanks to the beauty and the wealth that surrounds us. 

Our project is called "Drachinzeit", what means "Time of the dragoness" and our goal is strong young women.

There is an intimate and quiet authentic documentary about our work, that can be found here:
Details on the project are shown on our webpage:

The project has grown slowly and organically and now reached the phase where stabilisation and good structures are needed to be built up in order to respond to all the waves we have raised:

-more and more girls wish a support like this
- young women that attended the program call for a continuation
-women want to support and collaborate
-women want to start similar projects at other places
-women want to have a rites of passages to themselves
-mothers call for ritual support in letting go their daughters

The film about our work has touched the hearts of many people and brought us a lot of attention. And we sense the potential and the chance to change the course of direction of the world affairs with the work we do. What we need in order to make this change happen is your support!