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Donations for the DOG HELP SPAIN (Hundehilfe Spanien)

Dahlewitz (bei Berlin), Germany

Donations for DOG HELP SPAIN, animal protection out of responsibility and passion. Care of the animals locally, search for flight godfathers, foster homes in Germany and switching of the dogs and cats to new owners.

Bettina L. from Hundehilfe Spanien e.V. | 
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About this project

Animal welfare out of responsibility and passion
The relationship to animals is different in Spain than in Germany. If animals do not find a new owner within 30 days, they will be killed. On Mallorca, for example, it is not unusual for "emigrants" to return to their homeland and leave their animals behind on the island.
The employees of Hundehilfe Spain take care of the animals with local partners, look for flight patrons, provide foster homes in Germany and place the animals in Germany.

"Animal protection from responsibility and passion" This sentence stands for the association dog assistance Spain registered association, which was created 2015 in Berlin. Many of the volunteers were already active in animal protection and now wanted to form an association according to their own ideas and principles.

The members of the association are people of different ages, different professions, with families and own animals. What unites and holds them together is the love for animals, in order to make together, good and respectable animal protection.

They are particularly fond of Spanish dogs and cats, which have little chance of being placed in their home country.
But not only the switching to Germany, but also the support of the Spanish Tierschtzer locally is an important goal of the association. Financial support for castration programs or the supply of Scalibor collars to the dogs are examples of the work on site.

By the way, you can support the work of Hundehilfe Spain not only with a donation of money but also with donations in kind, flight sponsorships, animal sponsorships and in other ways. 
Updated at 18. March 2020