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Funded seeing elephants once in life - an unforgettable trip for our 16 kids

Rewarding our 16 kids with 3 unforgettable days on a safari tour is our wish! Together with our association chairman Theresia a trip to the Mole national park is planned for this summer! Thank you for your donation and support!

Theresia K. from Waisenhaus Tamale e.V.Write a message

Our kids live just a stone's throw away from Ghana's largest national park, but still they have always been far away from the opportunity of seeing it. Of course having a roof over your head, staying healthy and receiving enough food is much more important. Nevertheless for many of our kids as well as for the couple, that has been sacrificing the past 10 years of their life for these children, it would be the journey of a lifetime. And we would like to make this journey possible for them.
Since our founder and chairwoman Theresia will be in Ghana during the holiday season of the children, this offers the perfect occasion to gift the children some unforgettable days. 
Planned is a trip to the Mole National Park (, with a two nights stay including a safari. Besides needing money to provide everyone with food and drinks, it is very likely that we need to hire an additional rental car to make sure that no one is excluded and that all the kids can join. In the next few weeks, we will be researching how expensive that will be and gradually increase the needs. 

 So if you want to gift our kids with some memorable days, you can support us with your donation, by sharing this initiative on social media or with your network, or by giving us a like on our Facebook Page. 

 Here you can find more information about our project on Facebook on Waisenhaus Tamale e.V. and our homepage:

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