Closed HinzforArt

An aid project by Beate G. in Cologne, Germany

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Beate G. (Project Manager)

Beate G.
The project of HinzforArt should help artists to realize their project-ideas and to bring into the public.
An initiative for artists and art lovers.
The individual concepts are introduced here, in each case with an installation of the tasks and required donations. (Money - material-values or cooperation)

For the project "art-catalog/ 1000 numbers" I have fast found a team.
My valued artist-colleague Uschi Eckbauer offered her cooperation.
And Thomas Geusgen, whom I met here on betterplace. Among other things, Thomas will support the project with his fundamental computer literacies.

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Location: Cologne, Germany

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  • Uploaded at 04-11-2008