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No-Trash Triangle Initiative: Protect the ocean from plastic pollution!

Pulau Bangka, Indonesia

No-Trash Triangle Initiative: Protect the ocean from plastic pollution!

Pulau Bangka, Indonesia

Help us to to minimize marine litter in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. We create solutions to collect and recycle local beach waste! Any support welcome!

Dr. Miriam Weber from AQUEIS e.V. | 
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About this project

The Coral Triangle is home to exceptionally high biodiversity with 80% of all coral species and a third of all marine fish species can be found here. 
At the same time, 20% of the global plastic waste littered into the environment (and potentially reaching the sea) originates from the six countries within the Coral Triangle region. 
Therefore, help us to stop the Coral Triangle becoming a Trash Triangle! 
Plastic pollution threatens not only the precious ecosystems of the Coral Triangle but also the livelihood and health of the people living here. 
The No-Trash Triangle Initiative takes a four-pillar approach to tackle the plastic problem from all angles: 
1. Implementing a waste collection and management model 
2. Raising awareness in the local community 
3. Supporting research and innovation 
4. Encouraging corporate responsibility 
On Bangka Island, Indonesia, we are developing a model to showcase solutions against plastic pollution. In the future, we aim to extend our approach to the whole Coral Triangle region. 
Detailed description of needs
Pillar 1: Waste collection and management
Every day, our volunteers clean the local beaches and sort the waste. Recyclable trash is further processed and the non-recyclable trash is disposed of correctly. So far, we have already collected 5t of trash from the beach, half of which can be recycled! 
We have to cover transport costs, expenses for the volunteers (they need to eat and sleep as well) and general costs e.g. for bags, which costs 190€ per month. 
Furthermore, we plan to construct a storage station at the mainland, where all trash from the island can be safely stored before it is sent to recycling or correct disposal. Material costs to build this will be 1300€.

Pillar 2: Raising awareness in the local community
Together with the Indonesian NGO Seasoldier, we have developed a training program on marine ecology for local schools. The kids will not only learn about mangroves, corals, and seagrass in the classroom but will also explore these ecosystems themselves. For each lesson (14 planned) we need 100€ to cover expenses for transport, salary and accommodation of the teachers as well as teaching materials like paper, pens, etc. When the program is finished in December, we want to replicate in other schools (1400€ for the whole program). 

Updated at 18. March 2020