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Funded No-Trash Triangle Initiative: protect the ocean from plastic pollution!

Help us to reach our goal to minimize marine litter in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. We want to find scientific based solutions and create paths to minimize, collect and recycle beach waste! Any support welcome!

Julia G. from AQUEIS e.V.Write a message

What is the situation?
The Coral Triangle in South-East Asia is known as the “Amazon of the Seas.” It is home of an exceptionally high biodiversity of corals and fish species, giving home to nearly 80% of all coral species and over one third of the world’s reef fish species. 
This incredibly diverse and beautiful environment has come under threat. Plastic waste and marine litter are entering the waters daily and in huge amounts. Plastic particles are eaten by marine animals in these waters, causing harm for the whole ecosystem and ultimately threaten human beings. Indonesia is one of the main polluter of marine debris in the world. The situation requires urgent attention and long-term solutions to ensure the biodiversity of marine life and prosperity to the coastal communities that rely on this habitat.
Our work is based on the island of Bangka on Sulawesi Island, Indonesia and is located in the heart of the coral triangle. We are coalition of ocean lovers and operate as the No-Trash Triangle Initiative. We have the big vision to sustainably minimize any kind of plastic pollution in the pilot region of North Sulawesi. We cannot wait to tackle this global issue by taking first local action! 
Let's face this problem!
Our current research proves: Plastic waste does not generate sufficient value to create a profit business for the collected waste on our Bangka Island. Besides looking for a sustainable long-term solution on large scope, we have the deep desire to act now with our own pilot project. As an initial stage we create an infrastructure to bring valuable waste back in the system for recycling and send the non-recyclables to a landfill and out of environment. Awareness raising for local kids and communities complement our program. One day, we hope to offer an income option for the fishing community with plastic waste. Nevertheless, our daily clean ups continue on the beautiful beaches and in the villages. 

What do we need? 
Besides motivated local partners, clever ideas and a will for change, there is more financially support needed to create successfully our plastic solution showcase. For our activities in 2019, we need your support in these three major pillars: 

  • Building our waste sorting station 
  • Management and transportation of waste 
  • Environmental education programs 

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