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No-Trash Triangle Initiative: Protect the ocean from plastic pollution!

A project from AQUEIS e.V.
in Pulau Bangka, Indonesia

Support us to find solutions against pollution in NE Sulawesi, Indonesia. In a holistic approach we promote education, awareness raising, science and waste management.

Dr. Miriam Weber
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About this project

The Coral Triangle is home to exceptionally high biodiversity with 80% of all coral species and a third of all marine fish species can be found here. 
At the same time, 20% of the global plastic waste littered into the environment (and potentially reaching the sea) originates from the six countries within the Coral Triangle region. 
Therefore, help us to stop the Coral Triangle becoming a Trash Triangle! 
Plastic pollution threatens not only the precious ecosystems of the Coral Triangle but also the livelihood and health of the people living here. 
The No-Trash Triangle Initiative takes a four-pillar approach to tackle the plastic problem from all angles: 
1. Implementing a waste collection and management model 
2. Raising awareness in the local community 
3. Supporting research and innovation 
4. Encouraging corporate responsibility 
On Bangka Island, Indonesia, we are developing a model to showcase solutions against plastic pollution. In the future, we aim to extend our approach to the whole Coral Triangle region. 
Detailed description of needs

1. SCUBA training for local students 
  • We want to help the kids we've been working with achieve their dream of learning how to SCUBA dive. These ocean ambassadors have a clear passion for the ocean, and we want to help foster this interest. You protect what you love; the kids play a crucial role in acting against plastic pollution. 
  • A SCUBA qualification could open untold doors for these students if they decide they want to become dive guides or work in the tourism industry .
  • With just 1000€, we can certify five students!

2. A place to learn and free WiFi for local school kids for one year
  • Many Schools in Indonesia are closed right now leaving students with no way to access formal teaching. Most families on Bangka don't own a computer and wireless mobile signal is patchy in remote villages. Data plans are an added expense that most families cannot afford, especially now, when the pandemic has resulted in reduced income for many.
  • Working with Coral Eye, we want to provide local school kids with a place to learn, free WiFi and drinking water so they can continue their studies.
  • It will cost 2500€ to get the high speed WiFi the students need to work effectively.