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We fund constructions of deep wells for clean drinking water in Bangladesh

Barisal Division, Bangladesh

We fund constructions of deep wells for clean drinking water in Bangladesh

Barisal Division, Bangladesh

We support the construction of deep wells in Bangladesh, so that people have access to clean and free drinking water.

Claas from MADE IN BANGLADESH e.V. | 
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About this project

We, the non-profit association MADE IN BANGLADESH e.V. from Berlin, dedicate ourselves to the promotion of social projects in Bangladesh. This currently includes the construction of deep wells, which provide clean and free drinking water for the rural population.

The problem:
In the Ganges Delta, much of the upper groundwater is contaminated with arsenic. These are natural arsenic deposits in the soil and not a man-made problem. Since most wells were unknowingly drilled to insufficient depths beginning in the 1970s, the WHO estimates that there are between 35 - 70 million chronically poisoned people in Bangladesh today. Chronic arsenic poisoning (Arseniosis) first attacks the skin, can lead to various tumors as it progresses, and can eventually lead to death.

The Solution:
The problem of arsenic-contaminated groundwater can be circumvented by drilling wells at least 90m deep - these are known as deep wells. Here are deeper groundwater resources, which are not contaminated with arsenic.

Our commitment:
Together with the renowned professor Dr. Kazi Matin Ahmed from the University of Dhaka (Department of Geology) and his students, we have established a collaboration. Based on scientific data and analysis, Dr. Kazi Matin Ahmed and his students are studying existing wells in rural areas. If a well is pumping clean drinking water, it is marked green. However, if a well is pumping arsenic-contaminated water, it is marked red and replaced by a new deep well as soon as possible.
We bear the costs incurred for the construction of these deep wells. The wells will be built at central places in the village so that as many people as possible have access to them. The construction work is organized by Dr. Kazi Matin Ahmed and carried out by local companies. Afterwards, the students test the new deep wells for proper installation.

This issue is particularly important to us, so we communicate quite openly where our funds are going. The average cost of a deep well is around 1,000€. This cost includes not only the material costs for the actual well, but also a reasonable wage for the workers. Also included are travel and food costs for the students. The students do not receive a salary for their work, neither from us nor from the university. Their work is done as part of their studies and the scientific knowledge gained is incorporated into the faculty of geology. Our association members try to travel to Bangladesh at regular intervals to see our projects for themselves. These costs are paid by the members themselves!

You can help us to give the people in Bangladesh access to clean and free drinking water again! We have already successfully financed and built several of these deep wells since 2016.
Updated at 04. January 2021