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From Germany to India - "weltwärts" with THE OTHER MEDIA

A project from DRK - Landesverband Westfalen-Lippe e.V.
in Chennai, India

My "weltwärts" volunteer service will take me to Chennai, India in September of 2018, where I will be working for THE OTHER MEDIA. The organization fights for justice in the fields of human rights and environment.

S. Jordan
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About this project

Hello, I'm Sarah, 18 years old and bitten by the travel bug. I always knew- after getting my "Abitur" I want to make use of my newly won freedom and see something completely different, completely new.That's how I found out about weltwärts.

What is weltwärts?

weltwärts was founded in 2008 and is a developmental volunteer service, which costs are funded up to 75 per cent by the German Ministry for Economic Development and Coorporation (BMZ). Many non-profit organization in countries of the global south need help and support - weltwärts brings these organizations together with young people willing to offer the necessary support as volunteers.  
The German sending organization - in my case the German Red Cross Youth (Deutsches Jugendrotkreuz Westfalen-Lippe e. V.) - prepares the volunteers for the work abroad and provides support throughout the twelve-month service at the deployment site.

Where am I going to work?

My future workplace is the uman rights organization „The Other Media“ (TOM) in Chennai, an eight million inhabitants metropolis in Tamil Nadu, Southern India.
The Other Media (TOM) was born out of an inevitable outcome of a dialectical relationship that exists between certain people’s movements, Civil Society initiatives and some middle class activists and organizations since its inception in India and in the sub continent. The fundamental objectives evolved in the process of interaction and involvements are for example to provide a broad-based platform for different and in support of struggle-based people’s movements in the sub-continent and issue-based campaigns at a national and regional levels. TOM promotes a system of core values and principles that are vital to build peace, democracy, secularism, human rights, socio-economic and gender justice. 

Why do I need your support? 

The deployment sites in the "weltwärts" program depend on honorary support – including volunteers like me. But nonetheless there are expenses to realize a year abroad in India, which, as mentioned above, are covered by 75 per cent by the BMZ. The remaining 25 per cent are funded by the German Red Cross Youth (DJRK) – they come up for seminars, allowance, the necessary vaccinations, etc. But in order to continue their engagement and to prepare and dispatch volunteers every year, the DJRK also needs financial support. That is why I gather donations – to provide the opportunity to become a foreign volunteer with the DJRK to me as well as to future volunteers, to supply the organizations abroad with the much needed support and, last but not least, to get the chance to make invaluable experiences in the year ahead of me.