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Diabetes Online Community

Erfurt, Germany

diabetes online community

K. Warz from Deutsche Diabetes Föderation e.V.
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The primary task of the Diabetes Self-Help Organization (SH) is to provide members with expert knowledge and practical life coaching. Furthermore, this organisation serves to encourage its’ members to mutually support each other mentally and morally, as well as to help each other in coping with their illnesses. Unfortunately, organized diabetes SH in Germany reaches less than 0.6% of those affected.
We received funds from astatutory health insurancefor a pilot project regarding the "digitization of the Diabetes Self-Help Organization" in 2017/2018.  Thus, we are about to launch the prototype (PoC). Together with the regional associations, we have put together the requirements for this project in the form of specifications. Beyond doubt, with this implementation, we are going to set a milestone in the digitization of the Diabetes Self-Help Organisation Movement in Germany. Due to the requirement profile in terms of data protection, we have decided to implement an industry standard for CRM software (Sales force), which is already being used very successfully in another social project for bone marrow donors (DKMS).However, the cost analysis for the project shows us that we can only implement the planned project with the current funds for one prototype or that we need a period of 5 years for the entire project.Considering that, the decisive question for us is whether we can collect the required funds of around 350 k Euros on the basis of donations, sponsors and cooperation partners (e.g. Print-Publisher as the publisher of the Diabetes Journal) to develop this project with the necessary investment in Germany. The diabetes community should directly and indirectly reach at least 100,000 affected people in Germany, and generate additional value for them. Besides, the diabetes community is is easily transferable to other communities of chronically ill people. Furthermore, with the unique characteristics (USP) like the "mapping of sufferers with common health features, such as diabetes type, therapy, deuteropathy, etc." (see Parchip), we would like to lead out affected people from online platforms such as Facebook, where the health data of those affected are not safe from third parties, to a "safe" diabetes online community.