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New Life 4 Spanish Animals - we are saving lifes of Spanish cats and dogs

A project from New Life 4 Spanish Animals e.V.
in Murcia, Spain

Cats and dogs in Spain need our continuous support. We rescue them and provide medical care. TNR work is a core part of of daily work to reduce the population of strays and minimize their suffering. We need your financial support.

G. Heine
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About this project

We are a small group who rescue animals in southern Spain, Murcia. As a few people rescue abandoned and needy animals and take care of them locally, in Germany we collect money and home those animals. The basics of our organization are conscientiousness, good medical care and transparency. This includes castrations as well as medical checks and tests for our animals. Taking care of mistreated animals until they are able to be rehomed costs such a lot. The Spanish government doesn't provide any  funding for animal welfare, they see killing as the only method to keep the streets clear from abandoned cats and dogs. Please support our rescue work. Thank you.