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Support the extention of our historical documentation

To document the historical events from the recent past for the next generations, the “Oberer Lechgau” association wants to expand its existing historical book. For this we need your contribution!

M. Dreher from Oberer Lechgau-VerbandWrite a message

The “Oberer Lechgau-Verband e.V.” would like to extent the historical documentation with his main slogan Loyality to the good old tradition

There is barely a piece of homeland in Bavaria like our “Gau”, in a small surrounding of the villages Schwangau, Buching, Trauchgau, Wies, Wildsteig, Urspring, Lechbruck, Bernbeuren, Bidingen, Bertoldshofen, Marktoberdorf, Sulzschneid, Wald, Seeg, Hopferau, Hopfen, Weißensee, Rieden, Roßhaupten, Stötten with the “AuerberG” and Prem, where you can find so numerous cultural clubs. In this god-blessed landscape on the high mountains, on the upper side of the “Lech”, their inhabitants are identifying themselves with a vivid traditional costume – called “Tracht”, which had disappeared since the beginning of the 19th century. Wearing this “Tracht” it´s always a strong commitment to the homeland. This “Tracht” has grown steadily from time to time and when Felix Dahn writes, that the costume changed three times in the 18th century, ours has become long established.

In order to be able to document the historical events from the recent past for the next generations, we would like to expand the existing historical book. 

We have already collected donations through our own initiatives - however, we also need your support implement this reference work.
Thank you in advance for your contribution.

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