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Funded United for Justice in Education - Against Poverty and Segregation

Patna, India

Funded United for Justice in Education - Against Poverty and Segregation

Patna, India

We will start a campaign for the Right to Education in the governmental elementary schools in the State of Bihar. That the daughters of the landless labourers get a realistic chance to become engineer one day.

B. Scholz from Nitya Bal Vikas Deutschland e. V. | 
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About this project

Education is future.


In India, the Right to Education exisits including concrete guidlines for the number of teachers or the required infrastructure in a school. However, these laws are not implemented. Less than 10 % of the schools in Bihar fulfill the legal norms.

In the consequence, the private market for education is booming. Children are being segregated at primary school age according to their social background.

Our vision are well-equipped schools that are visited by all children together. Our vision are schools with blackboards, functioning toilets also for girls, playgrounds and learning materials. Our vision is the implementation of the existing laws.

“You have betrayed us. I have worked like a brute my whole life because, without school, I had no skills other than those of a donkey. But you told us that if I sent my son to school, his life would be different from mine. For five years I have kept him from the fields and work and sent him to your school. Only now I find out that he is thirteen years old and doesn’t know anything. His life won’t be different. He will labor like a brute, just like me.”

That is how Harvard Professor Lant Pritchett describes an incident when a villager confronted the director of a governmental primary school. The fact that the children of farmers in 2018 still do not have any chance to become engineer in the future, is not caused by a lack of talent or will.
But it is caused by a lack of  chances of advancement/chances to climb the social ladder. In the offices of the educational ministries, their concerns are hardly heard.


The solution of this problem is anything but simple. The solution is not to build one or more private schools for the children of the poor based on donations. Instead, the state has to be held accountable.

In order to do so, we want to knock at the offices of the educational departments. We want to call on them on behalf of those children of the country that have been ignored up to now.

Through the village councils parents and their children shall be informed about their rights and develop an agenda for the future of the village school.

Since May 2017, we are active on the ground with our local project partners. Together with parents, childen and teachers we have analysed the problems and discussed which changes are necessary in order to change the daily life in the schools from scratch.


A seed is planted. Now we want to build up on it jointly. We will start a campaign for the implementation of the Right to Education. We will remind the officers in the departments of their responsibility towards the children of Bihar daily, and we will hold them accountable for law infringements. 

For that, we need an office in the State capital Patna. And we need a pioneer. A person fighting for the rights and interests of millions of children whose fundamental rights are still denied recklessly. That they can have a future.