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Muslim Cemeteries Wuppertal e.V

A project from Muslimische Friedhöfe Wuppertal e.V.
in Wuppertal, Germany

Muslim cemeteries Wuppertal e.V., symbolic project, unique in Germany!

Alen H.
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About this project

We have set ourselves the task of creating a Germany-wide unique and emblematic project with the possibility of Islamic funeral rites to life. Muslim associations in Wuppertal have founded the association "Muslim Cemeteries Wuppertal e.V.".

Currently the funeral situation of Muslims in Germany looks like this:
The deceased are mainly transferred to the countries of origin to settle the deceased. For the first and second generation of immigrants, this is mostly the last wish. For the third and subsequent generations, who are in Germany in their home country, this is often a burden. They feel in Germany in their home country and as fully integrated, but they have to worry about their own and about the burial of their relatives. For many it is an obstacle that a burial according to Muslim rites in Germany is not fully possible. Today, deceased Muslims who are buried in Germany are buried in city cemeteries. These grave areas are i.d.R. leased for about 15-20 years (depending on the cemetery statute) and are dug up after the end of the lease. This is an obstacle for Muslims to bury their loved ones in urban cemeteries. In Germany there are some fierce debates about the integration of migrants, but integrated people have to decide whether they want to have their ancestors bury Germany in their homeland or in their countries of origin. Successful integration must include death in our view and must not end before it.

Germany's first Muslim cemetery is to be built in the immediate vicinity of a Protestant and Jewish cemetery. This is also unique in Germany and has great symbolic power and also shows the good and peaceful neighborly proximity of the religions. Originally it was planned to put the cemetery in mid-2019 into operation; Whether we achieve this goal depends primarily on whether we have the resources.
In the run-up to the event, we initiated an extensive public participation process and, in particular, included the directly adjacent residents in the planning. After all, as a result of the public participation, we have moved from the cemetery complex, which was at first very simply conceived, to a very attractive, but also more expensive, design. The costs for the first phase of construction amount to approximately € 500,000 including the acquisition of the land.

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