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Unity Effect e.V

Our purpose is to lead and inspire change from the inside out. We believe: every individual has the power to lead and and cocreate social transformation and that we’re more powerful when we work together. We want to actively support this process.

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We are an international and for-purpose organization based in Bonn, Germany.  We believe in the power of every individual to lead and inspire change. We passionately support more authentic and conscious ways of  working, collaborating and leading.

Through our methods & approaches we offer guidance and support in the process of actively shaping change and navigating through the increasing uncertainty and complexity that surrounds us. We create experiences and guide processes for individuals and teams to reflect and connect with themselves, others and the bigger picture, forming the base for positive, purposeful and collaborative action.

At the core of everything we do is our purpose: empowering people to lead & inspire change from the inside out. Following this inspiration, our project for 2019 is increasing & improving the educational opportunities for social innovators & entrepreneurs, students, leaders and for all those who are inspired by the possibility of creating a meaningful impact.

Some of the questions that come into play are: what kind of impact do are you inspired to create? What does it really mean to be purposeful? And how can we really make meaningful change, especially in these crazy times of complexity, uncertainty and disruptions?

The Changemaker Journey ( is a personal and leadership development program which seeks to develop and nurture inner clarity, as a foundatiom for co-creating innovative, sustainable solutions to our current global challenges.

How can you become part of our vision and support us?
New partnerships and ideas: We are always curious about new possibilities to further our mission. 

Financial support, including monthly donations: Since we are non-profit and community-based, we are looking people who support us and other changemakers financially. 

We invite you to partner with Unity Effect and be a part of developing transformational leadership and co-creating our future more consciously. You can learn more about as at

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