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in Esmeraldas, Ecuador

CAN - the Conscious Action Network - wants to bring LITTLE SUN SOLAR LAMPS to children in off-grid communities in Ecuador and Colombia. With a donation of 15€ you CAN bring light into the life of a child and empower it to a brighter future.

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About this project

"Solar not only brings light, but improves education, safety, and health for those who live without energy access. It is the foundation of a brighter future." LITTLE SUN FOUNDATION

Olafur Eliasson's LITTLE SUN is more than just a award winning design project. It includes the aspiration to bring light to all children in the world who don't have access to electricity.
This aspiration is the real piece of art and makes LITTLE SUN a great movement of light.
We are all #ConnectedByTheSun

TOGETHER WE CAN participate in this great movement by bringing LITTLE SUN solar lamps to all our CAN-projects in Asia and Africa.
Most of all we will bring them to South America - specifically to off-grid-children in Ecuador and Colombia.

For 15€ you can GIVE A SUN to a child and make its life brighter.
We will go there, personally distribute the solar lamps, document it on film and mail you a picture of a child holding your LITTLE SUN in its hand.

As part of our CAN-Gift-Campaign you can GIVE-THE-GIFT-OF-GIVING as a present, and dedicate your conscious action to a friend or a loved one.
Please send us an email to let us know which NAME you want on the THANK-YOU-PICTURE:

For this JOURNEY OF LIGHT to SOUTH AMERICA (2018) we are working together with the LITTLE SUN FOUNDATION and with ORIGINAL BEANS.


Our destinations are:

1. The ARHUACOS - an indiginous community in the Sierra Nevada of Colombia.

2. A community of cacao farmers at Costa Esmeralda (Ecuador), supported by ORIGINAL BEANS.

3. PASOURKU (Ecuador) - a little off-grid village in the Amazonian rain forest
that we campaigned for in 2014 to fix the village school.
Please watch the film:

4+ ... and possibly more along the way ...

"Together we can achieve climate justice and energy access for all –
As an artist, I believe in our collective power to co-produce reality,
to turn thinking into doing, hope into action, and to change the world."

Olafur Eliasson
Founder of Little Sun

THANKS for making a difference together, because ...