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About us

People all over the world spend time, energy and personal resources cultivating tolerance, joy, and peace.

The CONSCIOUS ACTION NETWORK is producing and sharing mini documentaries about these people, their projects, their motivation and the challenges, joy, and satisfaction they experience as they are making a difference.

These films serve several purposes:

1. They immediately and directly help the people and their mostly grass-root organizations by providing them, free of costs, with a professional video that they can use to raise money and awareness for their cause and their project.

2. They enable the viewers to immediately become part of the change-making-process by instantly taking action themselves to support the projects, or the cause in general.

3. The films inspire hope and encourage the viewers to look at the positive, solution-oriented side of some of the problems our world is facing today.

The power of change lies in the hands of the individual.
It's easy and fulfilling to make a difference.
All it takes is some Conscious Action.


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Latest news

Sponsorship needed!

  A. Kumar  16 April 2018 at 08:00 PM

Dear Shanti India supporter,

Shanti India goes on its action, providing today an access to education to 310 children belonging to the neediest families in Bodhgaya, Bihar, one of poorest state of India.

We do our best to provide a quality education in our school so every year an average of 90% of all students are successful in their examination. 

We also support our students after class 10 in their higher studies until they get a job which will bring them out of poverty. This year, we will have brought up to graduation (class 15) 9 students who have yet got a job or are in process to get. 

In 2018, the first batch of Shanti India 9 students successfully completed his graduation:

Vishal is working as life insurance agent, Priyanka 1st and Priyanka 2nd are teachers, Julley used to do administrative job in a educational institute and now does teacher training to be teacher,  Amar works as Chinese translator, Anisha did love marriage and let Bodhgaya, Seema passes competitions to be admitted in different sectors, in banks in particular, Satyendra is working in hospital as doctor assistant. Jitendra, the 9th one, is going on his studies at Alliance Française in Delhi.

And 4 students we have supported until grade 14 are now working and go on their studies in Class 15, supporting its cost by themselves: Kuldeep is working as school teacher, Mukesh works as administrator in an hotel, Bhola works as motorcycle mechanic, and Rampatti as electrician in mechanics.



For these reasons, our school has got a best reputation in Bodhgaya, so hundreds of parents come to get admission for their children at every new academic year (on April 1st). It is heart breaking to refuse access to education to these children! We have last year admitted more than our budget was allowing us, and this year we welcomed 30 new students. 

In order to maintain the quality education we provide and because the cost of the living increases everywhere and India doesn’t make exception, we need today to increase sponsorship:

For a student from nursery class to Class 10 the monthly sponsorship amount is now 20 euros, so 240 euros by year plus 10  to help to buy uniform.

For students from Class 10 to 15, the monthly sponsorship amount is now 40 Euros, so 480 Euros by year, plus 20 Euros to help for transportation.  

We know we can count on your understanding and generosity to go on supporting our project where we put all our heart.

With our warm thanks and regards,

Dominique and Anuj


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