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About us

People all over the world spend time, energy and personal resources cultivating tolerance, joy, and peace.

The CONSCIOUS ACTION NETWORK is producing and sharing mini documentaries about these people, their projects, their motivation and the challenges, joy, and satisfaction they experience as they are making a difference.

These films serve several purposes:

1. They immediately and directly help the people and their mostly grass-root organizations by providing them, free of costs, with a professional video that they can use to raise money and awareness for their cause and their project.

2. They enable the viewers to immediately become part of the change-making-process by instantly taking action themselves to support the projects, or the cause in general.

3. The films inspire hope and encourage the viewers to look at the positive, solution-oriented side of some of the problems our world is facing today.

The power of change lies in the hands of the individual.
It's easy and fulfilling to make a difference.
All it takes is some Conscious Action.


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Latest project news

We received a payout of €8,072.00

  Tom Z.  25 November 2020 at 12:00 PM

  Together we CAN

In March 2o2o - at the beginning of the pandemic, C•A•N together with ASTHA KIRAN, our friends in Lucknow, started the campaign ‘DEFEAT CORONA WITH KARUNA’.
Due to lockdown in India most daily earners had lost their jobs over night and could not earn their livelihood and provide the food for themselves and their families. Our objective was to prevent as many underprivileged families as possible from suffering hunger during lockdown and in the weeks to follow.

   Together we DID

Thanks to the generosity and kindness of our C•A•N-Community, who donated over 8,000 €uros, we were able to provide 830 needy families with basic food supplies during those hard months from April to June.
We provided Rice, Flour, Pulses, Oil, Soap, Pad, Tea Leaves, Sugar, Salt.
This success was mainly achieved through the tireless work of our C•A•N Action Team in Lucknow who fearlessly distributed the goods at the school ground, in the slums and on the streets of Lucknow.
It was powered by YOUR Conscious Actions.


Actions speak louder than words. YOUR Conscious Actions did not only save thousands of people from hunger - they also said what we all can know:
We are all in this together. We are all connected.
What will happen in the near future with this pandemic depends on all of us - on our action - individually and collectively.
The virus feeds on our ignorance and our egoism. Corona loves the people who deny that it exists at all. 
We all have the power to contain this pandemic.
Our Conscious Actions based on Togetherness, Solidarity and Compassion (Sanskrit: KARUNA) are the most powerful tool we have to overcome this global pandemic.
THANK YOU for your contribution!

We will continue to support the school girls of Astha Kiran and their families to get through this challenging times.

Together we CAN … defeat Corona with Karuna.

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