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Migration Hub Network

Migration Hub Network is a network of innovators active in the field of migration; we promote and support the development of migrant entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs working proactively for successful migration, asylum & refugee inclusion.

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"Migration Hub was the first place that gave us the opportunity to start something real and make a life. We actually feel home in the Hub. We can work stressless and we feel like giving all what we have to make our small dreams real." - Munzer Khatab, Bureaucrazy

Within the walls of Berlin’s old State Mint, we are building a home for social initiatives and entrepreneurs working with and for migrants and refugees.

During and after the unprecedented influx of refugees arriving in Germany in 2015, hundreds of projects and initiatives were born assuming an active role in helping newcomers and meeting their needs ranging from covering the most basic support to organising activities that bolster integration. Yet, many grassroots organisations doing commendable work in this regard were working isolated from each other with repetitive efforts, lack of cooperation, and human and financial resources being wasted. Moreover, they needed to receive training in such matters as business modelling, strategizing, budgeting if they wanted to remain functional as professional organisations. The absence of a support system caused many otherwise great initiatives to crumble.

We bring the most promising social initiatives together, foster collaboration, match them with partners and supporters, and provide them with a community-based network of support. Through peer consultation, mentoring and training, initiatives and migrant entrepreneurs receive tailored support. Events organised in co-operation with organisations, are turning Migration Hub Network's home at "Alte Münze" into a reference point for discourse around migration, refugee support and social innovation. 

15 initiatives (“Hubbers”) currently work at the Hub on a daily basis and a much wider network of organisations uses the space regularly for their events and activities ranging from community mixers to language classes and professional workshops. We want to offer our network the work, community and event space they deserve: one that boosts innovation, creativity and collaboration. In order to expand our platform and be able to support even more initiatives, entrepreneurs and migrants, we need your help! With your donation, you allow us to cover our day-to-day costs and, for example, provide office materials, internet and cleaning products to our members free of charge. 

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