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Closed Winter Humanitarian aid for the homeless in Bosnia

Winter Humanitarian aid for the homeless in Bosnia. We buy for them: hot food and drinks, distribute warm socks and give the pocket money.

Badema N. from sadake e.V.Write a message

Sadly, there are people who do not have enough food and money to live. Among them many are also homeless and without shelter now that winter is coming. In many places in Bosnia the temperature has already dropped below 0 degrees and will reach temperatures as low as -20 degrees as winter progresses.
Our local volunteer mobile helpers will be there for people living in the street, providing them with warm meals and beverages, such as tea and coffee, distributing warm socks and giving out small sums of pocket money, to help them cover some of their most basic needs. We ask for your donation so that we can keep up this vital support for those who are most vulnerable and give as much warmth as possible.