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PIN: Plug in Nkile!

Mbinga, Tanzania

Africa Tanzania Nkile: Plug In! with solar energy electricity supply this fishermen town will get the possibilities of empowering and increasing life quality through education, health, communication, economy development, social network

J. Groschke from Starkmacher e.V. | 
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About this project

We want to help Nkile community to Plug In. Are you with us?
Africa – Tanzania – Nkile: We are in a fisher town, where 5000 people live with less than 1 U$S/day, without electricity, isolated by mountains and the lake, but where there is a lot of will and people working together.  That´s why they are a story of success. For the last few years, people  have achieved some goals  on the way to becoming an independent village, such as starting their own water supply and developing the administration of its use. Together they built up a community center which is used for women, community, religious, educational and social meetings.

For further development, the next step is to Plug In Nkile. 

With you, we will build up the electricity supply by using solar energy in the community center, which is necessary for:
 -Cooling fish and medicine: So that the fishermen can sell the fish in  nearby cities, and improve their economy. (and health!)
 -Having light for the meetings in the room:  to strengthen the social network for the community social development
 -Having computers and a printer:  these will allow better education, and communication.
 -Charging their cellphones to get connected.
 -Building up a Lighthouse: which´ll be able to orientate the fishermen during the night
All these things will empower  these people in a long-lasting way and improve their life quality. 
 The project includes also giving seminars to electrician about the working and maintenance of the system; and also to the community, to learn together about the uses, installation, economy, production limit, safety, possibilities of having electricity in the town, guiding them to develop their own rules for administration just as they are already doing with the water administration.

We managed to get already most of the money, with which the components and installations are in! 

Workshop for „Ownership“  | €1,000.00 collected
Build up the Fotovoltaic conection and teaching the electrician| €5,000.00 collected
Controlling the connection| €300.00 collected
Basic electro instalation| €5,000.00 collected
Home appliances| €5,700.00 collected
Fotovoltaic Panels System | €21,000.00 collected

...but we still need your help to go there and Plug In Nkile.

Are you with us?