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Funded Tannenbusch House - Co-creating our future!

Bonn, Germany

The Tannenbusch House is an intercultural community center. Join our events and discover your creative possibilities. Get to know new content, good-life activities and like-minded people in an inspirational environment.

Jannik K. from Unity Effect e.V. | 
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About this project

“Everywhere where people are beginning to make their cities more socially and environmentally sustainable, it is essential to have a vibrant centre. We need places to meet, spaces and occasions for people to be invited, to connect and to support each other.” (translated from 

Since May 2017 we built the Tannenbusch House as a thriving community centre. We stand for intercultural diversity and understanding, personal & professional empowerment and sustainable living.
We host regular networking and community events like our Sunday Stories or Improv Theatre. And we established our first two bigger projects: “Back to the Roots” (Urban Gardening at the house) and our Study Center. The Tannenbusch House is now a recognized player in Bonn, a reliable partner, a lively center for intercultural understanding and sustainable living. 

All this is only possible with the engagement, passion and contribution of our community. Or to say: you :) 

As a community and team we are ready for the next step. We founded Tannenbusch House e.V. as non-profit organization and have a strong team in the back. As part our next steps we are building up a mentoring system and supportive membership. With all that we we can inspire even bigger change. 

With monthly contributions of people like you we will grow and maintain our lovely project, and invest in the future of the Tannenbusch House & beyond. 
So what are you supporting precisely with your contribution? 
  1. People, Projects & Opportunities: E.g. Internship positions & Implementation of new ideas and events
  2. The Good Life: E.g. Food and drinks for community events
  3. Sustainable Living: E.g. Urban gardening materials & plants

Starting with 5€ per month, you become a supportive member of the house. Most people donate between 15-20€ (and a few people even 50€ and above), so choose a sum that feels good to you. After you set up your donation you will receive a form with all further details. 

As a supportive member of the house you have access to:
  • Exclusive member events
  • Our mentorship pool to receive personal & professional support
  • Certificate for your contribution
  • Discounts for selected house & external events 
  • Mention on our homepage (if desired)
  • Tax deduction

Stay awesome! And let’s co-create our future :) 

Oppelner Str 69 53117 Bonn
Facebook: The Tannenbusch House
Updated at 18. March 2020

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