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A project from Elektriker ohne Grenzen e.V.
in Karlsruhe, Germany

Elektriker ohne Grenzen e.V. is active worldwide to reduce energy poverty in the poorest regions of the world. A reliable power supply based on renewable energies is the key to sustainable development aid.

Elektriker ohne Grenzen e.V
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About this project

Elektriker ohne Grenzen e.V. is working around the world to solve a fundamental problem:
We reduce energy poverty in the poorest regions of the world.
A reliable power supply based on renewable energies is a key to sustainable development aid. It is the common thread that can connect social justice, economic growth and environmental sustainability. This is exactly where we start with our purely voluntary association work.
We are particularly committed to people, projects and places that are not the focus of large aid organizations. We work closely with local partner organizations. We promote education, health and economic development by building a sustainable power supply at our workplaces.
Education: We contribute to improving education and the quality of on-site education. By modernizing and electrifying schools and training centers, we enable the use of technical and digital learning materials. In addition, lessons can also take place in bad weather, in the dark and in winter, as the learning environment is improved by light in the classroom. This also results in better training and further education opportunities.
Health: We contribute to improving health at the locations where we work. Many countries and regions have insufficient power supplies to run hospitals and outpatient centers. Due to our on-site work together with our cooperation partners, local health centers can be operated reliably. For example, medicines can be cooled and medical devices can be operated constantly. In addition, more can be invested in skilled workers and equipment at the locations by saving electricity costs.
Economic development: The opportunities that arise from access to renewable electricity are diverse and go far beyond the use of mobile phones and the Internet. Even the use of a refrigerator makes it possible to produce and store more food in order to be able to sell it on regional markets for a higher price. The same applies to the further processing of agricultural products using electrically operated machines. The power supply based on renewable energies can thus lay the foundation for self-determined, economic development in the most remote and poorest regions of the world.
We have already successfully demonstrated our know-how in several projects in Nepal, India and Vietnam. You can find more information about our projects on our homepage:
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