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Help for indigent people in Northern India and Nepal

A project from Tibet Tshoesem e. V.
in Dharamsala, India

Aid project for needy people in Northern India and Nepal: medical treatments for people in Dharamsala and Kathmandu, Corona emergency help in Kathmandu and Dharamsala

Konny L.
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About this project

Our charity association Tibet Tshoesem e.V. is mainly supporting indigent Tibetans in Northern India and Nepal. With different aid projects like the reconstruction of houses we are supporting the poorest of people there.
In addition we procure sponsorships to provide children with a school education and which support elder people with the all they need in their daily life.
Again and again our friends in India and Nepal inform us about "special cases“. Often also people approach our friends there and supplicate for help and we try to do our best where help is needed.
With this Betterplace project we collect donations for the following needs:

1. New teeth for Jangchub Dolma
The 50 year old Tibetan woman Jangchub Dolma has been suffering under her bad teeth more many years. In the maxillary she has got only 2 incisor teeth left. An adequate nutrition is not possible for her which is causing more health problems, but there is no health insurance and she cannot afford the expensive treatment.
We like to enable Jangchub Dolma to get a dental prosthesis which will cost about 600 Euro.

2. A TV for House No. 1 of the Tibetan Children Village Suja
In TCV Suja – 60 Kilometers south-east from Dharamsala – are living and studying around 1.200 children.
The houses where the children are accommodated, are differently equipped, because the facilities are sponsored by donations. Unlike than other accommodations house No. 1 has got no TV and the kids wish for some entertainment during their free time that they spend inside the house.
A new TV will cost around 350 Euro.

3. Support for the indigent elder nun Dolkar
Dolkar is 74 years old and was born in Lithang in the east Tibetan Region of Kham. She was married and her 4 adult children are living in Tibet. Her whole life she has been dreaming about becoming a nun one day and at the Age of over 60 - in 2006 - she could finally make her way to India and get ordained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Since then she has been living in Mcleod Ganj. She has got no relatives in India and noone who could Support her. Dolkar is living in a tiny wet room in very poor conditions. There is no water supply. Dolkar needs medical care and a new dry room.

4. Medical treatment for nun Tenzin Dolma
The 45 year old nun Tenzin Dolma has been born in Tibet and is living in McLeod Ganj since 1996. She is very sick and suffering under liver and lung problems. In her last medical Check-up also kidney Stones were diagnosed. She urgently needs a treatment and medicine which she cannot afford. For one year about 300 Euro are needed.

Detailed information about all our projects on our website www.tibet-tshoesem.