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Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Berlin - Fund Raiser

Berlin, Germany

Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Berlin, is going under very critical phase and in need of funds to complete its construction. We urge you to donate generously and be as a helping hand to build something which will be cherished by generations to come.

Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Berlin e. V. from Sri Ganesha Hindu Tempel e.V.
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                                                     "Give, and you will receive" 

With your generous contribution and support, be a part of building Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Berlin.

Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Berlin
, is a non-profit organization run by devotees. The temple not only serves in raising awareness of Hindu culture in the community but also
  • It has become a place for people to come and celebrate religious and cultural events. 
  • For some it’s a home away from home 
  • For newcomers it’s a place to find fellow Indians and stay connected with community and culture
  • For parents it’s a place to show the cultural heritage to their children
  • For Berliners it is a place to experience the richness of the Indian culture.

Soon it will become an iconic landmark in the city of Berlin and a touristic attraction due to its beautiful architecture (Gopuram under construction).

Financial Need :

We are currently in need of funds for the following 3 phases:
Phase 1 (Target Completion - Nov. 2017), Preparation and construction of Foundation = 120.000€
Phase 2 (Target Completion - Apr. 2018), Construction of pillars and roof = 130.000€
Phase 3 (Target Completion - Nov. 2018), Construction of walls, exteriors and interiors = 100.000€

Total Cost: 350.000€

Temple supporters and devotees have been able to raise part of the total costs till now. However we need more support to raise the remaining costs to complete the temple as early as possible.


The temple's Executive Committee is committed and putting their best effort to complete the temple at their earliest. But, unexpected costs and lack of funding has put the Temple in a substantial budget deficit and we need your help.

We urge you to donate generously to the cause so that we get our dream fulfilled and we continue to serve your religious and cultural needs and provide even better premises to you and your family.
Share with your family and friends and help raising these funds and be as a helping hand to build something which will be cherished by generations to come.

You can also be part of organisation by becoming Life member - You can pay one time 1001€ or monthly 100€. Please feel free to contact us at info@hindutempelberlin.defor any questions and more information.

With best regards to you and your Families.

Your Ganesha Hindu Temple