Water supply for 1000 primary school children

An aid project by “KCECHO- Karatu Cultural Environmental Conservation” (R. Halbach) in Karatu, Tanzania

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R. Halbach (Project Manager)

R. Halbach
Many primary schools in Karatu District have a unsufficient or no water supply. That means that the students have to spent time of their valuable school time to fetch water from a far away river or do not have enough water for washing hands after using the toilet or before eating.
During the rain seasons, the water just runs down from the roofs and vanishes unused in the ground. If instead the water could be harvested in the rainy season and collected in big tanks, the students could use it the whole year through and the hygienic and environmental situation at the schools could be improved.
Therefore, KCECHO wants to construct a rain-water harvesting system and a 30 000l water tank at Barazani Primary School in Man'gola to improve the situation for the 1044 students there.

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Location: Karatu, Tanzania

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