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We need a school bus!

34125 Kassel, Germany

Our Georg Büchner school needs a schoolbus! The schoolbus! enables our students to participate in class trips, sporting events and much more. Help and donate now!

B. Rosenbaum from AKGG gemeinnützige GmbH
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Help us schoolchildren and donate now.

Our Georg Büchner School needs a school bully, who tells us:

  • to organize overregional class trips,
  • a sporting event of our supra-regional partnerships
  • visits to our partner companies for professional orientation.

The Georg Büchner School is a school with the focus of emotional and social development. The lecture is designed for children and young people, who for family and personal reasons at the moment. Not to be in a regular school. This special educational task is creatively implemented by the high-level quorum to enable children the best possible opportunities.