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Refugee Law Clinics Deutschland

For enlarging the network between the German Refugee Law Clinics and for sustainably optimising quality and quantity of the legal advising sessions, we depend on external support.

S. Schulze from Refugee Law Clinics Deutschland e.V. Write a message

There are currently over 30 migration Law Clinics in Germany, most of which were founded in 2013 or later. After three years of networking efforts, the German Refugee Law Clinics (RLCs) in September 2016 decided to join forces and create a nationwide umbrella association.

The public charity that has been set up for this purpose bears the name „Refugee Law Clinics Deutschland“. It aims to support the German RLCs and improve their working conditions wherever possible, through i.a. advocacy and networking on the national and European level, the organization of RLC conferences, the elaboration and distribution of high quality training materials etc.

As of June 2017, the „RLCs Deutschland“ are a registered association under German law („e.V.“). They have subsequently been recognized as a charitable entity and were therefore granted tax exempt status in August 2017.

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