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Project Kesha Niya

A project from KUNE e.V.
in Ventimiglia, Italy

KUNE's Kesha Niya project currently supports more than 500 refugees who have to live under a railway bridge in Ventimiglia, Italy, by providing them with food, hygiene articles, clothing and other necessities.

L. Karsten
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About this project

Kesha Niya is Sorani-Kurdish for "no problem". For almost two years we set up and ran the kitchen in the French refugee camp in Grande Synthe together with volunteers. While the camp was still being disbanded, a group of volunteers came together who wanted to continue to organise themselves independently after their work in the camp. This group called itself Kesha Niya, in accordance with the frequent shouts of the refugees in the camp.

Since then, the group has remained closely linked to Schönere Willkommenskultur e.V. and has been providing care for refugees in France and Italy almost without interruption. While the volunteers of the group act independently and can coordinate their help flexibly, we as an association provide an administrative background, with insurance, vehicle registrations, acquisition of donations and advice.

Kesha Niya is a project run by international volunteers and refugees alike.
In Ventimiglia, we support over 500 people with food, equipment and first aid. To do this, we cook large quantities of food every day and drive several cars to the border to distribute clothing, hygiene articles, sim cards and similar items.
To continue to cover the costs for food, food boxes, petrol for the van and gas for cooking we need your support!

We hope for your help,
(former Schönere Willkommenskultur e.V.)