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Support of volunteer project in a Ghanaian school

The developing aid service policy volunteer project of “weltwärts” entails the support of Ghanaian pupils in their education at the school “Anakazo mission Academy Kokrobite“. It aims to contribute sustainably in providing education.

J. Schramm from Freundeskreis Afrika e.V.Write a message

During the volunteer project, I am going to work at the Ghanaian school “Anakazo mission Academy Kokrobite” as teacher assistant. The school has approximately 90 pupils between the ages of three and 12 years and offers primary and secondary education. A presentation of the “Anakazo mission Academy Krokobite” can be found in the Facebook-group: “Pay it forward - school project Kokrobite, Ghana”.

During the project, I will support the school in daily lessons, but will also offer remedial teaching, homework assistance and organise free time activities. It aims to efficiently educate the pupils. Being equipped with acquired relevant skills and qualities facilitates going into labour. Hence, education is a key component in establishing and stabilising a livelihood. 

The representative of the project is the developing aid policy service “weltwärts”. It was founded by the German Federal Ministry for Collaboration and Development (BMZ) in 2007 and aims to strengthen international communication, respect and tolerance for each other: Working and learning together excludes discrimination. Further information about “weltwärts” can be found via:

The sending organisation from Germany is “Freundeskreis Afrika e.V.”. They correspond with the Ghanaian partner organisation “West-African Youth Empowerment Krokobite” that especially shows commitment in taking care to young people. More information about the sending organisation can be found here:

The total costs of the volunteer project are partly covered by the BMZ (75%), meaning the remaining 25% of the costs are supposed to be covered by the sending organisation and the supporter’s circle of the volunteer. The supporter’s circle aims to trigger interest in developing aid policy help and social commitment. The required costs of the supporter’s circle are approx. 2000 € and given to the sending organisation for them to investigate in charitable projects. Therefore, the organisation does not make any profit but supports sustainably. 

I would be very grateful if you are convinced of the project and want to support it. Even small contributions will help! As an expression of thankfulness, I am going to inform you about the project!

Thank you very much and kind regards,

Judith Schramm

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