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No doubt that it is a great victory!

V. Ndoumbe
V. Ndoumbe wrote on 08-05-2009


Dear all of you,

How grateful we are, to each and everyone of you, who took a bit of time to read, understand and also appreciate this project of ours.

For us over here, in regards to this socio-historical context where dreams are often chattered and rarely turn true, where praises and trophies rarely go to the most hardworking, where almost all competitions are tricked, no doubt that it is a great victory!

It is well-known that money can afford everything, however, we assure you that what we've obtained, due to the trust you given us, will be multiplied in thousands and used efficiently for the project.

The next sequence of our action coming in June, July and August 2009 , will particularly be focused on children of ages between 6 and 13 years, for whom we shall build up a "workshop" project lasting a couple of weeks.

It's main objective being to render them able to select three traditional tales, recompose them for TV broadcasting and to finally play them, during which they will also acquire an initiation to audiovisual language and acting.

To express our amazement and gratefulness with regard to your encouragement and trust, we will soon share some pictures with you concerning the acting and shooting training courses.


Vincent Ndoumbe, promoter