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A project from EDM European Democratic Media eG
in Berlin, Germany

We are creating, BRAVE NEW EUROPE the first trans-European blog challenging the predominant neo-liberal discourse. BRAVE NEW EUROPE will present articles and podcasts by distinguished experts with a radical attitude about politics and economics.

M. Rose
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About this project

“When money talks, everybody else is condemned to listen”. Not if we can help it!

We are creating the first trans-European blog, BRAVE NEW EUROPE, to publish analyses and opinions with a radical face and attitude concerning European politics and economics. Among our contributors will be many distinguished European experts challenging the predominant political and media discourse. The blog will emphasize a democratic exchange of ideas supporting the creation of an egalitarian, just and social option to neo-liberal Europe.

Involving authors from throughout the continent, BRAVE NEW EUROPE will for the first time connect Europeans in a common forum, exploring, yet not over-simplifying, the complex reality in which we live and focussing on pivotal current issues. BRAVE NEW EUROPE will additionally serve as an interface between experts and activists, connecting theory and practical politics. The exchange of ideas will not be limited to the contributors, but will include comments by readers, aiming to build a community of participants and a forum in which European public issues can be debated. 

We shall daily provide original content, including our own podcasts, cross postings, as well as investigative reports. We believe deeply in providing innovative, critical journalism that everyone can access, whatever their income level. Thus we are asking you with your donations to help others to be able to use BRAVE NEW EUROPE free of charge and permit us to be answerable to our readers, not to advertisers.