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Donation for our inclusion project, which includes autists!

A project from Mehrgenerationenhaus Bückeburg e. V.
in Seggebruch, Germany

In our inclusive multi-generational park, people with and without disabilities will live and work together. Inclusion is important to us! Just autists fall through every grid. We will keep them in the middle of the society. Integration

M. Tarbiat-Wündsch
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About the project Who are we? The non-profit association "Mehrgenerationenhaus Bückeburg e. V. Homepage: Our patron is Alexander Fürst zu Schaumburg-Lippe, as well as actress and screenwriter Anja Franke. What we plan: An inclusive and integrative multi-generational park in Seggebruch with inclusive operation. "We build not only living space, we create habiat" Why was this project launched? I myself (chairman of the association) launched the project because I am the mother of an autistic son and I want to enable all people to live in the middle of society instead of in a parallel society. I know the difficulties people are struggling with in everyday life and know that inclusion is often not more than a word. We, as a non-profit organization, want to contribute our part, that finally something changes. Our multi-generational park is a future model that shows a way of living and working with people of different generations and living conditions. What does the multi-generational park offer? 30 rented accommodation, the same shares are distributed among the following groups of inhabitants: Approx. 6 families, singles with children, people with handicaps including autists, pensioners, young people, singles and 2 WG`s. A guest apartment for visitors of the tenants and the community is also available. The large number of common rooms offers space for meetings. There are 3 community roof terraces for common barbecue or as a meeting place for a "afer work meeting" or similar .. A studio as well as a bandroom. Via a exchange exchange you can also participate in events without money. So we can also counter the poverty of old age. There is a multifunctional space for sports, leisure, culture and music. Social insurance jobs for people with disabilities to the legal minimum wage (1/2 days). Premises for a nursing service, a social worker as well as a center for animal-assisted therapy and a physiotherapist. A children's hotel, which will help single-parent families, as well as families, look after their children, even over night and on weekends. A village helper, also called "Kümmerer", is available to help the residents of the MGH-Park to help!